1.Unlike advertising, news stories build brand reputation in a way that is seen as credible. If an article or feature about your business appears in online or offline media, it has been through an editor or journalist who has deemed it of interest to their readers and therefore worthy of publication. Written well, with your key messages included, it can be a powerful way of building brand awareness.

2. A regular drip-feed of information about a company through established and respected news channels helps create a sense of familiarity, recognition and trust.

3. It’s a cluttered, busy and very noisy world out there. Hide your business light under a bushel and that’s where it will stay. Get potential customers’ attention by planning carefully, building the right connections and encouraging those all-important word-of-mouth recommendations.

4. Stuff happens. If things go wrong, expert advice and guidance on how to manage media interest and minimise the impact on your business is essential.

5. Good, well-crafted writing is worth its weight in gold. Social media posts, blogs, advertorials, publications and press releases need to engage their target audiences and deliver your key messages effectively. Badly written copy reflects badly on your brand.

PR is all about becoming and remaining visible, in a positive, likeable way.  

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