View of Bodmin Jail

(A recent photo taken of Bodmin Jail at dusk – used to promote the After Dark Experience)

Images have a more immediate and forceful impact than words. Obviously words are essential too, but put the them together and the first thing you notice is the picture. What people want now is moving images, they expect it. Everywhere you go – on trains, at events, in the office, in the pub and even at the dinner table – people are sharing YouTube videos, snapchat, memes or capturing their own. Whether for work or pleasure it’s the way to get noticed.

A particularly eye-catching publicity campaign relying on the power of pictures was rolled out at Incheon International Airport, South Korea, a few weeks ago. The aim was to promote the airport by engaging foreign passengers in a virtual reality experience of South Korean culture. Those who took advantage were able to immerse themselves in a visual tour that virtually transported them to different locations to experience local cuisine, taekwondo, fashion and watch a parade celebrating the historic Joseon dynasty, which ruled the country for more than 500 years. At the end of the presentation, whilst still immersed, they were asked to take off their headsets to be met with a live presentation of the virtual demonstrations. It clearly got the desired attention because within hours, a post of the event on the airport’s English language Facebook page had been viewed nearly two million times.

This type of promotion is clearly cutting edge and expensive, but it can be scaled down considerably whilst still having sizeable impact and getting your company noticed. The versatility of the mobile phone is astonishing. It’s inexpensive, immediate, the image quality is good enough to use on broadcast TV already and it’s improving all the time with new apps to enhance your pictures. All you need is a PR company with the imagination, flare, energy and knowledge to make it a reality for you too.

Here’s a recent video we put together promoting Cornwall as a destination to visit: