Sue has had a busy few months coaching Cornwall’s first ever TEDx speakers.

TED originated in the USA in 1984 and is passionate about the power of embracing ideas and changing attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world through short powerful talks – broaching topics from science and business to global and society issues – in more than 100 languages. This viral video phenomenon has created a global community that builds relationships, inspires future generations and helps to change lives and it’s arriving in Truro on the 9th September at the Burrell Theatre.

Each of the day’s ten speakers will focus their talk on a core subject that fits within the seminars theme, ‘Time and Tide’ – producing inspiring presentations from individuals who have spent their lives creating change – some through researching and educating, others by facing and rising above adversity.

Victoria Milligan will be discussing how to overcome tragedy and make the most of the time you have, after her own life was torn apart in 2013 – when she lost her husband and daughter in a tragic speedboat accident. Divorce is the focus of Herve G Wery’s discussion and the crucial need to make the love for your child a priority during a relationship breakdown and Dr Jess Tyrell will be asking ‘is life tougher for short men and overweight women?’

Other topics will include how patients with chronic illnesses can be empowered through technology and how the need for fresh thinking in the fishing industry is paramount to ensuring the greatest benefits for society, alongside many more.

The speakers and their subject matters will help to spread ideas from communities around the world, educating and empowering others.

Find out more about TEDx Truro or, if you have an upcoming presentation contact us about organising a coaching session.