online vs offline

In the ever-evolving world of technology, digital marketing and social media are having a significant impact on our social behaviour, the way in which we act as consumers and how we do business – which begs the question, does traditional media still have a place in today’s culture of 140 characters or less?

As a leading PR and communications agency in the southwest, we believe that the way forward is to provide an all encompassing approach – gaining publicity for our clients by embracing the entire media spectrum, from radio and news print to blogs, social media and online video. This integrated approach allows us to enhance marketing communications through consistent brand messaging across all platforms.

As with anything in life, it’s all about finding the right balance, so we’ve put together a couple of reasons to use both online and offline marketing.


Not everyone is online

The results of a large study by Mckinsy and Co. showed that at the end of 2014, 4.4 billion people across the world still weren’t connected to the Internet! Depending on your target market, restricting yourselves to digital marketing mediums only could overlook potential customers.

Physical literature has experienced resurgence

This tried and tested marketing channel may have lost popularity in recent years, but according to the Direct Media Response Rate, direct mail and print marketing still offered a strong response rate in 2015 – and returns the same ROI as social media (15-17%)!


Measurable Insights

Digital marketing enables you to attain invaluable insights into your product or service. By asking questions on social media, or utilising online polls and surveys, you are able to gauge your audience’s feelings or thoughts. Analytic tools also give you the ability to see what’s working and what isn’t, allowing campaigns to be adjusted easily.

Online marketing also provides a channel for consumers to directly engage with a company – meaning that large corporations can promote a humanistic side to their brand, building rapports with existing and potential clients.

Flexible and fast paced

Online marketing is fast and can increase your audience reach by thousands in only minutes – as content can be accessed across a multitude of platforms, at any given time. Utilising paid/sponsored strategies can increase your reach by allowing you to easily target specific groups, providing an invaluable tool for reaching relevant individuals at specific times, with certain content or messages.