Bodmin Jail is a must-see visitor attraction in Cornwall. Standing tall and grimly mysterious on the edge of the town, it’s a fascinating place that, through some mesmerising and spooky interactive displays, leads you on a compelling journey back to the county’s past.

The Jail is a unique piece of history. As a visitor you can explore the cold, dark cells that were once home to its prisoners and imagine the lonely and uncomfortable lives they experienced as hunger, cold and hard labour awaited them each day.


Our brief

To raise awareness of Bodmin Jail’s overnight paranormal experience and increase visitor numbers.


What we did

We identified a pre-Halloween weekend and invited key journalists and bloggers from the national and regional media to find out what it is like to stay in the jail throughout the night. Led by Bodmin Jail’s Paranormal Manager Mark Rablin, the media party – with our own intrepid Sue Bradbury among them – took part in a series of activities designed to get the ghosts ghosting. One photographer fled screaming from a cell and a number of bizarre happenings raised the hairs on the back of everyone’s heads. By 5am when the event ended and Sue led the charge back to the comforting light of the Lanhydrock Hotel, it’s safe to say that the whole group had been very effectively spooked.


Key achievements

Page or double page spreads in The Guardian, Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star, Western Morning News, Cornwall Today, West Briton, Cornishman and Cornish Guardian. All publications also put the story online and generated a huge amount of social media activity. Blogs were written by Muddy Stilettos, Tasting Britain and A Cornish Mum and Radio Cornwall invited Mark Rablin in for interview.

Our client reported a significant increase in bookings as a result of all the coverage and far greater awareness of the Jail and all it has to offer.


Client testimonial

“SBPR are professional and very easy to work with.  They organised an overnight media event at Bodmin Jail to achieve national coverage of our paranormal experience and succeeded in getting a range of influential journalists and bloggers to take part – including writers and photographers from The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Star and The Guardian.  Each of them published a very positive feature-length online and newspaper article about their night in the jail and that coverage (plus all the associated social media activity) has resulted in a significant increase in bookings and interest.

Sue Bradbury and her team managed all the necessary logistics in a timely, highly efficient manner – making the whole process hassle-free from our point of view. After the event, all necessary follow-ups were taken care of and regular feedback provided.

I would highly recommend SBPR. They surpassed expectation in every respect and thoroughly deserve their excellent reputation.”

Brock, General Manager