Camborne voted to become a Business Improvement District (BID) in 2012. Its first five-year term ended at the end of March 2017 and member businesses voted for a second term that runs until 2022. Since becoming a BID, visitor footfall, investment and independent business numbers have all seen a significant increase.

 Our brief

To support the BID team with specific campaigns and to provide advice and guidance whenever required.


What we do

We’ve been working with the BID manager and directors since 2015. During that time, we’ve produced pages of advertorial copy, written regular press releases and features, assisted with publication copy, produced a short video and helped out in a crisis management capacity when Camborne’s 2017 Christmas tree attracted widespread negative comment in the media.


Key achievements

Helping to secure a second BID term and planning and implementing effective publicity campaigns for events like Camborne Shopping Week and the town’s Christmas programme. When BID’s 2017 Christmas tree was dubbed ‘the worst Christmas tree in Britain’ by The Sun, we helped the team get their side of the story across with a widely used press statement, photos showing the difference when the tree was lit up and broadcast interview advice.


Client testimonial

“I have found SBPR to be a professional, cost effective, efficient and friendly PR agency whose team has helped BID Camborne get our message out in both good times and bad. They are there when we need them, they understand the issues facing town centres and they know and understand the media in Cornwall well.  Personally, I have really valued their support.”

Mel Martin, BID Camborne Manager