Rumour has it that something strange is coming to Camborne. Something mythical, beast-like and far bigger than your average pet. 

Residents are being warned to stay alert – especially on Wesley Street, outside Tesco and along the Tour of Britain route.

Once a common sight when dinosaurs roamed Cornwall, there are now said to be four of these weird and wonderful creatures. Brightly coloured and always curious, they’re sure to bag prime positions when the Tour of Britain race comes through the town this Sunday.

Why? Because they’re Cyclesauruses and, as that name suggests, cycling is their obsession.

Renowned for their friendliness, a Cyclesaurus loves having a selfie taken. Word on the street has it that the Camborne four will be making their first appearances this Friday, two full days before the Tour of Britain competitors race through. 

BID Manager Anna Pascoe says that’s what she’s heard too, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“It’s amazing! These are legendary creatures that haven’t been seen in Camborne for millennia. No-one really knew if they existed, but a local expert is convinced they’ve come out of hibernation so they can join the crowds and support our town’s role in Stage 1 of this year’s Tour of Britain.”

The Tour of Britain event starts in Penzance on Sunday 5 September, with the race passing through Camborne via Pendarves Road, Basset Road, Commercial Street, Wesley Street and Kerrier Way at around 1231. 

At 2 metres long and 1.2 metres high, the Cyclesauruses will be part of the Camborne spectacle. 

And don’t be afraid – they honestly won’t bite.