On the same day that face masks become mandatory in shops, a Camborne choir has launched a re-worked version of Trelawny – Cornwall’s well-known anthem.

Penned by BID Camborne manager Anna Pascoe, the new wording highlights the need to keep Camborne clear of Covid by following the guidelines and looking out for each other. 

“There is nothing like Trelawny for rallying we Cornish, so I took the liberty of adapting the verses,” said Anna, who has lived in Camborne all her life. “We’ve been working hard on doing as much as we can to protect our community and businesses from the virus and what better way of spreading the message than through a famously stirring song.”

 Prevented from getting together in person for weekly rehearsals, members of The Ingleheart Singers readily took up the challenge of using their computers to produce a new Trelawny hymn.

Led by musical director Claire Ingleheart, the choir was first formed in 2006 with just four members and now has over 50. Before the pandemic, they gave regular concerts and have collaborated with the likes of WildWorks, Simon Birch Dance and 3 Daft Monkeys.

“We sing everything acapella and love music from all corners of the world – including folk, pop, jazz and, of course, plenty of Cornish,” said Claire. “We haven’t met for 19 weeks – the longest break we’ve had since starting out. It’s been a tough time for singers and particularly choirs, so we were delighted when the BID Camborne team asked us to get involved.”

Covid Trelawny is being launched for the first time on social media at lunchtime today. For a sneak preview, click here.