Cornwall’s largest town is leading the way in keeping COVID-19 at bay and achieving the double zero statistic of no new cases and no new deaths.

Camborne has always prided itself on being a close-knit community that looks out for each other. With most shops and businesses now re-opened, residents and visitors are being actively encouraged to abide by safety guidelines and avoid the possibility of any future lockdown.

“We believe it is our civic duty to do everything we can to keep our town COVID-free,” said BID Camborne manager Anna Pascoe. “The Government has allocated £506,000 from the European Regional Development Fund to support high street re-openings in Cornwall and we’ve used our share to install hand sanitiser stations in the main street, employ street wardens and put up signs to remind people to maintain social distance.

“We welcome this week’s announcement about making face masks compulsory in shops as we believe it’s very important for people to feel as safe and confident as possible when shopping and doing business. Camborne has an excellent range of small, independent outlets that sell a range of goods and helping them trade successfully is vital to the local economy. 

“No-one wants to be faced with further restrictions so it’s in everyone’s best interest to abide by the rules and keep COVID out of Camborne.”