Singing star Karina Ramage has travelled to Cornwall in support of Land of Saints Organic Gin.

The 26-year-old was launched into the limelight earlier this year when a top music manager heard her sing one of her own compositions ‘Wasteland’ in Waitrose, where she worked, and signed her on the spot. The song is about sustainability and the environment – issues Karina feels very strongly about.

“I wrote the song when Trump was on TV saying something about climate change not being real, and it made me angry and stressed,” she said at the time. “When I wrote it, it was something I was worried about and a way for me to express and remind myself that I need to do better as well.”

After watching Karina on BBC News, Mike and Sue Bearcroft invited her down to Cornwall. The couple have recently launched Land of Saints Organic Gin and are contributing fifty pence from every bottle sold, plus any annual surplus accrued through their social enterprise company, to Fauna & Flora International – the world’s oldest conservation charity.

“We were impressed by her music and her passion for saving the planet so we contacted her to ask if she would come down to Falmouth and Truro to meet some of our suppliers,” says Sue. “She is a really lovely person who was only too happy to support us and all that we are doing to help prevent the climate change catastrophe that many are predicting.”

Production of Land of Saints gin began in October and the first seven batches have already sold out – with wholesalers in Scotland and London amongst those placing orders.

“We never imagined sales would take-off so quickly,” says Mike Bearcroft. “The feedback we’re getting on the taste of the gin and its environmental credentials is amazing. Life has become very hectic but in a positive, productive way.”

Karina, who lives in Hertfordshire with her husband Phil, visited Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa in Falmouth and The Red Elephant Beer Cellar in Truro. She was also interviewed by David White on BBC Radio Cornwall and performed ‘Wasteland’ live on air.

For more information, visit www.cornishspirits.org.uk and https://www.facebook.com/karinarmusic/