Who knew there was a National Waiters Day? HR Manager at The Headland, Michelle Brown, did so she organised a friendly competition with Rick Stein Fistral to mark the occasion.

Good waiting demands a lot of skill and there was plenty on display as the two teams went head to head in a series of challenges. One was about how many wine glasses you can hold in one hand, another was an order memory test and another about who could build the tallest structure on a tray using plastic pint glasses. There was also a tray relay race.

According to Michelle, the overall outcome was a draw with each team winning two of the events.

“It was great fun and everyone really enjoyed it,” she said. “It was the first time we’ve taken part but we’ll definitely do it again. Rick Stein’s are keen too and want to bring a bigger team next year. We’ll all be training hard in preparation!”

Springboard UK organises National Waiters Day as a way of promoting careers in the hospitality industry.