Preserving the environment at Mother Ivey's Bay

Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park near Padstow enjoys a stunning location and the park’s gardener, Alison McColville, is passionate about preserving the area’s exceptional natural beauty.

She shared her enthusiasm with year 1 pupils from nearby St Merryn School recently when they visited during the final days of term to deepen their understanding of the special place they live in. The children played on the beach, drew flowers and learnt about how some insects are good and some bad for the environment, before building a bug hotel with recycled stones and drawing smiley faces on it to let the bugs know it was a happy hotel.

A few days later Alison organised for local RSPB representative, Claire Mucklow, to talk to her park gardening club about invasive plant species and birdlife in the Trevose Head area. The club was started earlier this year for everyone staying at Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park who has an interest in wildlife and horticulture. Claire told members about two local species of bird with the highest conservation priority – Cornish Choughs and Corn Buntings – and how to play a part in protecting them.

Alison said: “Both visits were a huge success and great fun. I explained to the children about the relationship between insects and plants, how some cause damage – like slugs and aphids – and some, like Ladybirds and the ugly Devil’s Coach Horse beetle, protect plants by eating the bad bugs. Both visits were organised to promote awareness about taking care of this beautiful area we live in and making the most of it.”