Laura completes her bug hotel

Building a bug hotel was among the tasks completed when fifteen-year-old Wadebridge school pupil Laura McColville joined her mum, Alison, at award-winning Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park, near Padstow, for some work experience.

Alison has been gardener at the park since last October and, using the experience gained from seven years as part of the Eden Project’s horticultural and management team, is busy making the most of Mother Ivey’s scenically beautiful grounds.  When her daughter joined her, it was a golden opportunity to create a bug hotel from recycled materials. 

“Laura is very conservation-minded and enjoyed making a new home for beneficial insects like lace wings, ladybirds and bumble bees to live in,” said Alison. “It’s all part of a plan to enhance what the park does to improve the environment – a cause that’s always been very close to my heart.”

As well as spending time with her mother, Laura worked with Mother Ivey’s housekeeping, reception and office teams to experience different aspects of running a site that includes hundreds of quality mobile homes and camping pitches. 

“Laura was very welcome here and I’m very pleased she enjoyed her week with us,” said Mother Ivey’s owner Patrick Langmaid.  “As a business, we are committed to preserving Cornwall’s stunning natural environment and have set aside five acres of our grounds as a nature reserve to encourage flora and fauna.  Laura and Alison’s work on the bug hotel is an excellent way of encouraging guests to take an active interest in the wild beauty around them.”