Picking pinks on the Isles of Scilly

Scented pinks are blooming marvellously on the Isles of Scilly, providing Churchtown Farm on the idyllic off-island of St Martin’s with a record-breaking crop of the popular, delicately fragranced flowers.

Whilst many of us have been bemoaning a lack of continuous sunshine in recent weeks, weather conditions have been perfect for the scented pinks that are a mainstay of the Scillonian flower farming during the summer months.

“Last week was our busiest ever for picking and posting out pinks,” said co-owner of Scilly Flowers Zoe Julian.  “Our six full-time flower pickers have been working flat out in the fields and things have been equally manic in the packing shed.  The crop was quite slow to start with because it went colder but pinks love it went it’s muggy and have now gone berserk!”

With their daintily fringed petals, slightly spicy fragrance and array of pastel colours, scented pinks are part of the dianthus family.  Unlike carnations which have larger, thicker leaves, pinks have a subtle, delicate, sometimes feathery form that sets them apart and makes them a popular gift.

In celebration of their extraordinarily plentiful supply, Scilly Flowers are including 20 extra scented pinks free on every large box ordered for delivery on or before Saturday 16 July.

For more information, visit www.scillyflowers.co.uk